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Ore-controlling factors determine the patterns of formation and localization of mineralization within ore regions and deposits. The need for this study arises from the importance of integrated assessment of mineral resources and improvement of metasomatic formation techniques. This is especially important for  geological materials which are mined for their direct commercial value (industrial materials). This article is devoted to the study of the ore control of complex industrial minerals. The Khizovaara structure belongs to the Tikshozero greenstone belt. Within the structure, a multistage metamorphism and metasomatism processes are manifested. The totality of lithological, structural and petrologic ore control factors determines the existence within the structure of several deposits. These are deposits of industrial minerals, such as garnet, quartz, muscovite, kyanite, staurolite. In almost all cases, the ores are complex. The following objects were studied: Southern Lens (kyanite + quartz) deposit, Northern lens (kyanite + quartz) deposit, East Khizovaara (muscovite + quartz) deposit, Vysota-181 (garnet + staurolite + kyanite + muscovite + quartz) deposit, ore occurence Fuxit (decorative rocks). For the ores of each site, the processes of regional metamorphism of the amphibolite facies of kyanite-biotite and muscovite-chlorite-kyanite subfacies are important. Metamorphism, tectonic regime and geological connection with rocks  has been studied as a ore control factor, based on this, data on the quantitative distribution of industrial minerals of metamorphic genesis have been obtained. Acidic and alkaline metasomatites of each site are considered. On the basis of these data, metasomatic processes that lead to the formation of complex ores are revealed. The process of superposition of metasomatosis products of the late stage on the products of early stage metasomatosis was studied. This process leads to the formation of complex ores of three or four minerals. The result of the work is a general scheme of metamorphic and metasomatic ores control


garnet kyanite muscovite metasomatism tectonic control Khizovaara structure

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